“I’m looking for justice for who took my dad from me and my children, my sisters, and my mom we just want justice,” said Kira Morrison, daughter of the victim.

Fast forward nearly 10 months later, Quinton Taylor, 23, is sentenced to 6 years for the death of her father George Morrison.

“Mr. Taylor pleaded guilty yesterday morning to an accomplice of manslaughter, a felony, and sentenced for 72 months in Arkansas correction,” said Washington County Deputy Prosecutor Brian Lamb. 

While justice has been served in the court system, It hasn’t been in Morrison’s daughter Kira’s eyes. 

“Defiantly not happy with the sentencing, happy for them pulling a case together and sentencing him in some manner but not happy with the outcome,” Kira Morrison said. 

Kira Morrison said the University of Arkansas still has responsibility for allowing this kind of behavior on its property. 

“At what point do you put your foot down and say we need to regulate that area, we need to patrol, we need to ensure safety. It makes it their safety and not doing so resulted in my father’s death,” Kira Morrison said.

Before he was murdered, George Morrison received a housing voucher and was on a waiting list to get a roof over his head, but never made it.

Angela Belford with the Fayetteville Housing Authority said although Morrison was on the road to get away from homelessness, Morrison ran into some roadblocks.

“What I heard was he had gone to 4 or 5 different landlords and they wouldn’t accept him. Whether that was lack of rental history or lack of credit history,” Belford said.

Belford said now her department is using this case as motivation to improve the system.

“We have been studying 2 years, we have a very strong collaborative effort between all of our continuum care partners,” Belford said.

Help for others that Kira Morrison said she hopes people find before its too late.

“You can’t even imagine what you would miss about a person until they are gone, I never thought there were these things about my father that I held so close or thought were so special. ” Morrison said.