Dog attack prompts ordinance update in Lincoln


LINCOLN, Ark. (KFTA) — A dog attack prompts the city of Lincoln to update an ordinance that deals with dangerous and vicious animals.

The Lincoln City Council passed this ordinance because of multiple animal attacks within the last 90 days.

This ordinance is something council members said has been long overdue.

“It was a necessary ordinance and we will have to enforce it,” Lincoln City Council Member Johnny Stowers said.

The updated ordinance allows animals to be seized or impounded.

The reason for the update sparked from numerous complaints over the years of dogs running loose.

On June 15, 2019, a dog had wandered off of its own property and attacked a woman, according to a police report.

She was transported to emergency medical services (EMS) for her injuries, the report states.

In the past, the city of Lincoln was unsure of what to do with an animal once they had a complaint, but this updated ordinance will allow them to deal with some issues they couldn’t deal with before, according to Stowers.

“The amendment we put through the other night actually uses the authority if necessary in extreme circumstances to euthanize animals if we have to,” he said.

A change to the amendment some people in Lincoln think is a good idea.

“If the animal is loose and does something like that then yeah I believe the police should have that type of power,” Lincoln resident John Wiggin said.

A power that does have set boundaries, according to Stowers.

“There is discretion in there so that we don’t pick up pets that are just being a little mouthy,” he said. “What we are after are the ones that are running loose and are actually aggressive and vicious.”

Both Wiggin and Stowers think this ordinance is a step in the right direction for fixing the issue of roaming dogs around Lincoln.

“I’ve seen a couple of animals out on a pretty regular basis,” Wiggin said.

“We have an ordinance against loose animals but people just don’t seem to want to use it,” Stowers said.

This ordinance, Chapter 6.12 Vicious Animals, went into effect immediately.

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