“Drivers be nice, pedestrians look twice,” U of A Students Look for Change in Crosswalk Safety


According to the University of Arkansas Police, 36 pedestrians have been bumped or hit by a car since 2014.

“Some of the time I just start walking out and the cars sometimes just don’t ever stop,” Ashley Chandler, University of Arkansas student said.

“I’ve almost been hit one time. They just speed right by every once in a while even when you cross the street,” said student Zack Ranson.

Thursday, student government leaders started the conversation on what needs to be done to stop the high statistics.

“We’re trying to create a culture where drivers are aware and pedestrians are aware. More than that students need something tangible to see and I feel we need to see those changes on our crosswalks,” Lexi Robertson, Deputy Director of Student Safety at the U of A said.

Crosswalks are implemented in high traffic areas. Flashing lights alert drivers when a pedestrian may be crossing.

On February 2, Arkansas freshman Andrea Torres was struck by a driver while walking through a crosswalk. She died from her injuries two days later. Students and staff are paying tribute by asking for change.

“It has made students more aware of what they’re doing and the steps they’re taking on campus. For that, I think that’s the only good thing that I can see to come out of this,” said Robertson.

“One of the main patrol duties is to be aware and watch crosswalks set up and take enforcement action, and see if people are not yielding to pedestrian crosswalks,” said University of Arkansas Police Captain, Gary Crain.

Captain Crain says officers are constantly on the lookout and everyone should follow the university’s slogan, “Drivers be nice, pedestrians look twice.”

“Distracted drivers or drivers, in particular, need to be paying attention to the road and have no other distractions. Especially in high pedestrian traffic areas like we have on the campus.”

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