Elm Springs, Tontitown residents to be surveyed on last line address change


Over 30 Elm Springs citizens experiencing problems with mailing addresses

ELM SPRINGS, Ark. (KFTA) — The mayor of Elm Springs is fighting to fix issues relating to city zip codes and last line addresses.

A survey will be going out to residents asking if they want change.

Mayor Harold Douthit says he’s fed up with the confusion between neighboring jurisdictions when it comes to mailing addresses.

“It’s not just mail delivery, it’s parcel delivery. Whenever you order something off of Amazon, sometimes as simple as ordering pizza,” Douthit said. “Why if I live in Elm Springs does my address say Springdale?”

Community identity, citizen confusion, and loss of sales tax revenue are just some of the problems he’s been working to change for years.

“There are duplicated streets in Elm Springs that are named the same as streets in Springdale. So it’s a complicated problem to solve,” Douthit said.

It’s not just Elm Springs.

“The only one that signifies Tontitown on it is a P.O. box. If you don’t have a P.O. box, then your mail is going to be Springdale or Fayetteville, which creates some confusion for folks moving into our town and for vendors that are trying to deliver to these folks,” Tontitown Mayor Paul Colvin said.

Douthit’s efforts have now reached USPS and lawmakers, like Congressman Womacks office.

According to a letter from Womack’s Office, a survey for Tontitown and Elm Springs regarding a preferred last line change has been approved.

It wouldn’t change home numbers or the Zipcode.

“That survey will be conducted by the post office and that survey — the goal we want to achieve is to change the very last line of the address if you live in Elm springs or Tontitown. We want to change that last line instead of it saying Springdale, it will say Elm Springs,” he said. “This is about your address only, your address and postal delivery only.”

Douthit will have one more meeting with USPS after the holidays to finalize how the survey will be rolled out.

Town hall meetings will be held next year for more information.

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