Fans react to the firing of Chad Morris


"I hate to see anyone get fired and I think we didn't give him the chance we should've," Hog fan Joel Snarr said.

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KFTA) — After Arkansas announced the dismissal of Chad Morris on Sunday, November 10, Hog fans weigh in on what they thought of the decision.

Left lane hammer down, right into the ditch.

Colton Neisius, Hog fan
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“I think that Chad Morris is a good guy, but we were in desperate need of a coaching change,” Mckane Martin said.

Actually I am kinda surprised I would think that we would at least hold out another year before firing him.

Joel Snarr, Hog fan

“I think most people would like to go to the tailgates and the games with the expectation that we’ll win and I just don’t think that has been there,” Justin Boothy said.

The tailgates suck, it hasn’t been fun, even after senior night yesterday we didn’t have fans up here and business is down so just hang on next year hopefully someone will come in and make it better.

T.J. Fenton, Hog fan

The university is wasting a lot of money paying coaches for a contract that will never be fulfilled,” Adam “8M” said. “I mean how many coaches have we already gotten rid of?”

I think we all had really high expectations for him when he came to Arkansas and we were all really excited and he met none of those expectations so I am happy to see him go even though he is getting more out of it than we are.

William Wilson, Hog fan

“We’ve seen a lot of “Mussel Mania” in the last week, and it’s pumped us up for basketball season,” Evan Nuessner said. “That’s what I’m looking forward to right now, I don’t even want to think about football.”

It was coming and I know it’s frustrating for a lot of Razorback fans to be going through this coaching carousel again, but this was kind of a unique situation.

Michael White, Hog fan

“Honestly I’m not really shocked,” Travis Bell said. “He hasn’t had any SEC wins.”

Hog fans said they haven’t lost all hope in the program, but have mixed reviews on what should happen next.

If we hire a new coach and two years from now we are in the same position, we might have to reevaluate and maybe give someone a third year.

Evan Nuessner, Hog fan

“I like what they tried to do with spending really big money on a big name coach when they tried to go after Gus Malzahn,” White said. “Personally I didn’t think he was the answer, but I like that philosophy of throwing seven or eight million dollars a year at an established coach.”

I think a high school coach would actually do the same job he does, if not better, for one-tenth the pay.

Adam “8M”, Hog fan

“I think we give Nick Saban an offer he can’t refuse at this point,” Neisius said.

I want to bring Bobby Petrino back, I think that would be good for the program.

Travis Bell, Hog fan

“I think you need to get somebody with a (respectable) name even someone like Les Miles,” T.J. Fenton said. “Somebody who can recruit in the SEC, that has been in the SEC, and knows the competition level.”

If it was me, I would take the two (best) coaches in Arkansas high school football and I would make them the head coach and the offensive coordinator and see what they would do.

Joel Snarr, Hog fan

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