Farmington “kidnapping” after boombox scare


Kid "kidnapped" for "bomb" music.

FARMINGTON, Ark. (KFTA) — While walking to a football game on Thursday, October 3, a 14-year-old in Farmington said he was stopped by a woman who demanded he get in her car.

The child’s father and others are claiming what happened was an act of kidnapping.

Austin Kelly is the father of Aiden who is in the Farmington Band.

He said his teenage son and his friends were stopped by a random woman who thought his homemade boombox was a bomb.

According to Kelly, the boys were all wearing matching band shirts pictured below:

Courtesy of Austin Kelly

Kelly’s son said the woman stopped them and demanded them to get in her car.

He said she claimed she knew the band director and wanted to show him the “bomb” she thought she saw pictured below:

Courtesy of Austin Kelly

Kelly said the woman took the boys to school to see the band director, where police then examined his son’s boom box.

According to Kelly, police confirmed it wasn’t a bomb and drove the boy home.

Kelly and other parents are upset because they think this could be an act of kidnapping.

According to Kimberly Weber, a criminal attorney in Rogers who has nothing to do with the case, a situation like this wouldn’t be charged as kidnapping.

“It seems wrong to me to take a young person off the street and to take him where he does not want to go, but I can’t find a definition of a criminal statute in the Arkansas Code which would fit this sort of act,” Weber said.

Kelly said he is trying to get an attorney to look into this incident.

FOX 24 reached out to both the school and the Farmington Police Department and have not heard back.

Below is Kelly’s full Facebook post about the incident:

“This is my son Aiden. He is obviously in the Farmington band. We own a house on Kelli ave. Location is added for perspective he has told me several times how ” he loves living in the middle of everything” he goes to every home football game since we have moved here. Many students know Aiden because he has built a homemade boom box so to speak and he brings it to many of the functions Farmington schools have involving the band or boosters for the football team (picture will be in the comments ). He brings it because it is very loud has great bass and many of the students gather around it to “party” he likes this attention he wears it like a backpack. The picture is exactly what he was wearing today excluding his backpack boombox as he and three friends also in the Farmington band dressed the very same walked to the game tonight on Southwinds. A woman driving on Southwinds suddenly pulls in front of the group on sundown dr stopping very quickly cutting them off gets out and takes pictures of my son telling him to turn around as she is taking these pictures. She tells him ” you know this looks like a bomb right?!” My son’s anxiety immediately goes through the roof. He doesn’t know what to say he has spent months testing designs for this boombox building it from scratch. She then tells the boys to get in her vehicle she is taking them to the band director. My son does not know this woman at all and refuses to get in her vehicle stating he will just walk to the school. The other three comply with her request by getting in her vehicle while my son still refused. She then says she knows the band director and she is apart of the booster club he needs to listen to her and get in the vehicle. Knowing this my son’s fear of getting in trouble with the band director drove him to make the decision to comply. She takes them to the school detaining the four minors in her vehicle while she gets the band director. When she returns with the school official, he is told to come out of the vehicle and put his backpack boombox on and spin slowly she tells the school official ” you see what I mean”. The Farmington school official says “mhm I do” he then calls the school’s police officer. At this very moment is when I should have been called by any one of those adults my son was frozen in fear stuck in his cage of anxiety he couldn’t think to call me either. He is taken and detained in the band room with his three friends while they wait for the officer. Once the officer arrives he is separated from the other boys along with his boombox. My son explains to him how he engineered his boombox and what he uses it for along with future modifications he plans to add. He was then told he needs to look through the bag and he needs to show them the insides of the box. Once the officer is satisfied my son is then directed to call his parents. My son was brought home by the officer to drop off his boombox then was given a ride back to the school. Am I wrong to be so upset about this incident? What are your thoughts on how this was handled? I knew nothing until after the fact. The officer even told me that the woman knew my son and their sons were friends when he brought him to the house. This was not the truth he did not know this woman at all.”

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