The government shutdown is hitting the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The FBI Agents Association has collected information from special agents around the country on the impact of the shutdown on their investigations. 

To drive home the impact, the Agents Association released a report Tuesday from field offices across the country. 

One from the southeast quotes an agent saying, “On the child exploitation side, as an undercover employee, I have had to put pervs on stand-by.This puts children in jeopardy.” 

Brian O’Hare is an agent who works cases in East Tennessee. He said the shutdown is also causing pain for FBI agents personally. 

“There are agents that are already impact financially and every paycheck we go that impact grabs up more agents,” O’Hare said.

Approximately 13,000 FBI employees are set to miss their second paycheck on Friday, forcing some to rely of agency food drives for groceries. 

The agents say their message is not political. One way or another they just want the government funded.