Give Kids A Miracle: Extra Special Siblings

For years Northwest Arkansas siblings Georgia and Harrison Milhem have been back and forth to Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock to have surgeries.
The brother and sister both live with heredity exostoses where extra bones grow all over their bodies. Until they stop growing, they will have to undergo surgeries to get the extra bones removed.
“I have some on my hands, my legs, I’ve had a part of my shoulder removed,” said Harrison.
So far Harrison has had to have five surgeries and Georgia has had seven, with more already planned. “Whenever I walk I can’t move my leg. My leg locks in place when I sit or just basically doing any normal functions,” Georgia said.
Because all of Georgia’s procedures have been on her legs up until now, after every one she’s had to re-learn how to walk. “When you have to learn how to walk again it’s really hard because first of all you have your crutches and you’re really tired and you just had a surgery so you’re in a lot of pain, but you want to keep going and you want to get better.” 
Having spent so much time in and out of Arkansas Children’s, the siblings have developed relationships with their doctors.
The doctors have even tailored treatment to each specific ailment of Harrison and Georgia. They’ve gone as far as to create a special splint for Georgia following one of her surgeries.
Through it all, the siblings encourage each other. Some of the time they have even underwent surgery at the same time. 
Both Georgia and Harrison use their unique disorder to give them a unique perspective on life. “Harrison and I get to say that we’re actually extra special because we literally have extra bones,” mentioned Georgia.
With the opening of Arkansas Children’s Northwest, the Milhem’s said they no longer have to travel all the way to Little Rock to have the X-Rays required to monitor their disorder. 

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