GRAVETTE, Ark. (KFTA) — The City of Gravette is adding more than $1 million worth of trails.

Construction of a new trail at Old Town Park is complete. It is part of a $500,000 grant.

The trail is 1.4 miles.

Two more trails are underway. One will be paid for with a $400,000 state grant and the other was thanks to a $200,000 private donation. Construction of the other two trails won’t begin until 2020.

Mallory Weaver with the City of Gravette said the Old Town Park Trail has been really helpful for the community and students.

“We have lots of kids that walk to school and unfortunately that means that they were walking in the street where there weren’t sidewalks or where the sidewalks were in poor condition. Our main concern was making sure they had a way to get to school that kept them out of the streets,” Weaver said.