The countdown to Christmas is well underway and you may find yourself searching for the perfect gifts for children in your family.

Every Friday for the next several weeks, we will show you some of the hottest toys topping the list.

Go Glam Nail Stamper– By Spinmaster: This includes five different stamps and three different colors of nail polish, and a bag.

Paw Patrol Mighty Lookout Tower-By Nickelodeon: Paw Patrol is here to save the day! This is the Paw Patrol mighty lookout tower.

The Eclipse Hoverboard– By Hover One: This is the next level of hoverboards. It speeds along at 7 miles per hour and can hold anyone up to 200 pounds. The whole family can get in on this!

Playdate Sven the Reindeer-By Disney: From the movie Frozen 2, playdate Sven the reindeer has a carrot in his mouth. His head moves and he makes noises and can hold kids up to 70 pounds.

X Power Dozer-By Extreme Power: Push the lights and the truck moves forward and talks through instructions the more you push him.

Vendees DIY Surprise Dispenser– Every girl loves surprises and this would be a perfect gift, plus there are five other versions of the mini vending machines themes.

Slimy Gloop Mixems Galaxy– This is fun for the whole family. The Galaxy Gloop is a great afternoon activity and great for a good science experiment.

Dabble Labs Science of Color– This kit has crystal art, color theory, and chromatography. Perfect for your little artist, the kit comes with watercolor, watercolor resists pad, diffuser paper, pipettes, epsom salt, glue, brushes and more.