Thousands of people drive on roads throughout the Natural State every single day, and some may make common mistakes that could leave you with a citation or even severely injured.  

Some of those things we do on the road could be second nature or even habits, but you might not realize it could be illegal, that’s why we teamed up with police February 24, to bring you the rules of the road.

“Just a few seconds can mean the difference between life and death,” said Sergeant Craig Stout with Fayetteville Police.

Many use the roads throughout Northwest Arkansas every single day to get around.

“I really have a hard time (getting around) with people who are inconsiderate drivers,” said driver Monika Fisciher-Massie.

Some locals admit they have to deal with behaviors that are irritating on the roadways. 

“You don’t want to be going too slow,” Sgt. Stout said.

While riding around with Sgt. Stout, we learned it’s actually illegal to drive too slow in the left lane, also known as the passing lane.

“It is designated for passing vehicles. Once you have passed a vehicle then you will merge back over into the right lane,” Sgt. Stout said.

Police said you cannot continuously operate a motor vehicle in the left lane of traffic.

“They speed up and race around me and pull in front of me,” Fisciher-Massie said.

Sgt. Stout said you still need to follow other rules of the road including staying under the speed limit when passing other cars. 

“You have to remember that the speed limit is the speed limit. This is not a suggested speed it is the maximum speed you are allowed to go,” Sgt. Stout said.

A few folks around town said they’re guilty of lounging in the left lane, even a uber driver who makes his living on the road.

“I’ve actually had people come up behind me doing 80 and flashing their lights just for me to move over,” said Uber driver Kadillak Williams.

Cruising in the left lane might only land you a citation, but Sgt. Stout said things like jaywalking or texting and driving could leave you and others injured or even worse.

“Studies have shown that distracted driving is right behind driving while intoxicated whenever it comes to safety,” Sgt. Stout said.

While all of this plays a part of being safe on the road, both police and drivers agree patience is key.

“A lot of people don’t utilize their driving skills or put them into use as they should be,” Williams said. 

“People should take just a few more seconds on the road to avoid accidents,” Fisciher-Massie said.

“A lot of this is just common sense,” Sgt. Stout said.