Keeping the AMP “bird free”


Remember "born free?" Well, how about "bird free?" That's one man's job at the Walmart AMP ... keeping it nearly bird free!

ROGERS, Ark. (KFTA) — Have you ever wondered how the Walmart AMP is pretty much bird free during a show? The AMP is the home to the largest outdoor stage in the state and that can mean an ideal spot for birds.

The first couple of year the venue used netting and loud sounds to keep birds away, but that only worked for a while.

Last year, the AMP team tried a whole new technique, reaching out to Jordan Jones who is a licensed and certified falconer to help solve the problem.

Falcon Tactics Owner, and CEO, Jones said how he gets the job done. “The falcon doesn’t catch and kill birds. He’s here as a live decoy of a predator. So, increasing predator presence on-site rids the area of pest birds, which are the prey,” said Jones, “depending on whether they are European starlings, English sparrows, feral pigeons. We have different birds for those situations.”

Jones said he usually works the day before each shot to keep the venue and equipment clean and ready for the show the following day.

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