FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — A motorcycle burst into flames on Dickson Street Saturday, emitting a column of flame nearly two stories tall, stalling traffic and rerouting riders on the final day of the rally.

Videos posted on social media showed a few bikers running in to move motorcycles away from the fire. Shortly after, more people showed up with fire extinguishers. 

The Fayetteville Fire Department also responded to the incident, using a fire extinguisher to further quell the flare and examining the motorcycle carefully to be sure there was no risk of further danger. 

The Fayetteville Police Department kept a crowd of civilians from coming too close to the burned bike, and officers said they were well prepared to handle any sort of incident. 

“We have every contingency and first responder at this event,” said Sgt. Anthony Murphy of the Fayetteville Police Department.

Officers were diverting riders north on West Street after Dickson Street slowed to a crawl for several minutes, Murphy said. 

The motorcycle was badly burned.  The tank was entirely charred, and the leather appeared to have melted off the majority of the seat, running down the sides of the engine and gearbox. 

No information was available regarding how the fire began, or whether or not the motorcycle had passengers at the time of the fire. 

After about 25 minutes, traffic resumed as normal on Dickson Street.