Mold Found in Multiple UA Dorms, One Student Sick


FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KFTA)– Right now the University of Arkansas is in the process of moving students with mold present in their dorm out of their rooms and into clean ones.

Officials say in one case they have even repainted the entire room with an anti-microbial paint.

Freshman Sarah Hampton spotted mold in her University of Arkansas dorm room a few days ago– and according to school officials, she’s not the only one.

Jeff Vinger, Director of Residential Facilities said, “We’ve had calls in a couple different dorms, we’ve had some calls down in Pomfret hall, we’ve also had some calls up in Reid Hall, and one call over in the Northwest Quad.”

Vinger said he immediately had the rooms checked by environmental health and safety on campus once he became aware of the situation.

But, Hampton’s case was sent to the Arkansas Department of Health after her mother filed a complaint.

The ADH says the only way to solve the problem, is to identify the source.
Shirley Louie, the director of the Center for Public Health Practice at the Arkansas Department of Health said, “Where is the moisture coming from? What is creating that environment that allows mold to grow?”

For Sarah, the mold came from water damage that happened nearly two months ago.

Now, two trips to the hospital and one trip to the doctor later– she says her sickness from the mold is effecting her school work.

Sarah said she wishes the school could have caught the mold before she did but according to the University, they only received one filed report. The rest of the instances they had to find out second hand, through a Facebook page.

Officials emphasize that students need to file a report as soon as they spot a problem.

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