A bill with proposed new rules for cyclists is making its way through the Arkansas legislature.

This bill focuses on bicycle safety on public roads.

The text of the bill states that if a bicyclist is approaching a stop sign, she would need to slow down, look to see if it’s safe and either stop or yield depending on the situation.

Bill Smith is part of the Northeast Arkansas Bicycle Coalition and suggests that everyone should be a little more patient while traveling on the roads.

“What I think most of us would like to see is a greater understanding by vehicle operators of things like a pedestrian having the right of way in a cross walk, and the cyclist has the ability to use the road and use the road as safely as they feel they need to,” Smith said.

The bill states the bicyclist has the same rights as the driver of a vehicle, but would allow a bicyclist to make a right or left hand turn at a red light without stopping after slowing down.

But if in harm’s way, the bicyclist would need to use caution at an intersection of oncoming traffic