Northwest Arkansas Deacon and Father of Five Faces Deportation

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Church deacon and father of five, who’s live in Northwest Arkansas for 22 years, said he’s facing deportation.

Two weeks ago Victor Galindo received a letter from the U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement Agency. 

It said he has to leave the United States by April 15th or ICE will arrest him. 

Now in a hand full of days, his children who were born in the U.S will be left without a father.

“It would destroy our family,” said Edgar Trancoso, who’s father is soon to be deported.

It’s a conversation no 18-year-old could ever be prepared to have, that in just weeks their father will be deported. 

“My dad broke down in front of me. It was difficult to take in what I was reading, and see what was going to happen,” said Trancoso.

Galindo came to Northwest Arkansas legally from Mexico 22 years ago on a work visa that has now expired.

He got the deportation letter while trying to renew it. 

“We did try to fight for him to stay, and we gave them plenty of reasons and they didn’t listen to reasons,” said Trancoso.

Galindo is a deacon at First Christian Church in Rogers, and the congregation is doing all it can to keep him in NWA.

“I feel like the system is so broken and so overburdened that we can’t see the good from the bad and this is the good,” said Pastor Shawn Wallace.

Wallace’s church started a petition to avoid his deportation.

“We’re pleading with anybody that has anything to say and that can do anything to please don’t tear this community apart…this family apart,” said Wallace.

Representative Steve Womack couldn’t comment specifically on this case, but he did say there’s been many issues with undocumented people receiving these letters from ICE.

Womack encourages the family to send in a request to his office about this. 

“Whenever we’re asked to investigate, and discover facts on matters like this we always try to do so,” said Womack.

But as April 15th approaches, the Galindo’s are preparing for their hardest good bye. 

“It’ll change the way me and my family look at life. Not having him there will be difficult for us. But i have hope somebody can do something to help us,” said Trancoso.

First Christian Church said it now has more than 500 signatures in support of Galindo and hopes something will be done soon. 

But if nothing changes before the15th, Galindo said he’ll be heading back to Mexico. 

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