FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KFTA) — Pedophiles are searching for children on social media by using the hashtags you put on your online posts.

“To most of us what looks like a cute picture of a child naked in the bathtub and having fun pedophiles will look at that as a way to gain sexual stimulation and gratification,” Washington County’s Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Kevin Metcalf said.

He said some hashtags pedophiles might search for include:

  • #BathTime
  • #PottyTraining
  • #NakedKids
  • #KidsBathTine
  • #BikiniKids
  • #PottySeat
  • #ToddlerBikini
  • #KidsShower
  • #PottyPants
  • #NakedChild

Knowing what is lurking on the web, Sherri Deaton, a mother of two, said she monitors everything her children do as well as everything she posts.

“Bath time at home is a wonderful beautiful thing,” she said. “But that picture can turn into something really ugly if shared with the wrong person.”

Metcalf said if you are posting to share with family and friends, you should try and make a cloud account.

That way only the people you want to have access to those photos, will have access.

But he said the best way to keep your children protected by predators is to not post any images.

“Once you post them you know longer have control of them,” he said. “They are out there, and people can get them and do whatever they want with them.”

But Deaton said another alternative is just to be more mindful of what you post.

“Not everyone has pure motives, not everyone is a good person, so as parents we really need to think about the pictures that we are posting of our children,” she said.