Recycling during the holidays


As you open up your gifts this holiday season, the city of Fayetteville wants you to keep in mind what items can be recycled and what's considered trash.

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KFTA) – Tis the season for giving​. Fayetteville’s Waste Reduction Coordinator Bryan Pugh says it’s also one of the busiest times of the year for recycling centers.​

“We get a lot, we really do – particularly boxes,” Pugh said.

​​Before you put those boxes out for pick up – Pugh says you need to take out that styrofoam. “If they could just take all the trash all the styrofoam – out of those boxes – flatten them – put them at the curb with their normal green 18-gallon recycling bins we’ll be sure to pick those up,” Pugh said.

​Don’t recycle that wrapping paper just yet – you need to make sure it’s rid of tape, ribbons, and glitter. “Markets that take that paper, you got to think of it as a feedstock to their operation and they need good quality fiber,” Pugh said.”The tape and the glitter and that stuff on it – it really makes it contaminated.”

Pugh says if you’re looking to throw away any old electronics – you can do so at the Boston Mountain Hazardous waste drop off from Dec. 23 to Jan. 3 – free of charge.​​ “We all get these new gifts and we want people to do the right thing and recycle their old electronics the proper way,” Pugh said.

​So what about that Christmas tree that’s on its last limb? Pugh says – it can be recycled too.​ “We can take Christmas trees for composting – they just need to be free of any decorations so any lights.”

​A new service that launched mid-December now allows people to drop off their food waste for compost.​

When it comes to plastic Pugh says you can recycle bottles like milk jugs but you want to avoid recycling plastic like this usually used as some sort of container or as a tray to serve food on.”​

Pugh says they can’t accept aluminum pans – that’s garbage. Speaking of garbage – he says this is also a good time of the year for residents to use their trash stickers to throw out more waste.​ “That’s all on the utility bill,” Pugh said. “It’ll tell you how many extra bags are available to you.”

​If you’re looking for ways to go green – Pugh says try leaving gifts unwrapped and hidden around the house. “Leave little notes around the house sort of like people finding their gifts,” Pugh said.​ Reuse gift bags – or your use your local newspaper to wrap up presents. “Utilizing comic paper in the newspaper that’s kind of a neat thing on the gift but then you can actually recycle the newspaper if you take the tape off of it,” Pugh said.

​And if you decide to still use wrapping paper, try to get one that’s made out of recycled material.​

You can find a full list on what you can and cannot recycle as well as hours and drop off locations on the City’s website.

 Pugh says there will be no pickups on Christmas – those routes that would get picked up on Wednesday will now be getting picked up Thursday and Thursday’s route will be on Friday.

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