BENTONVILLE, AR (Benton County)–15-year old April Andrews disappeared in 2006 while on her way to church. Now, the Sheriff’s Office is deploying new resources in their search for answers.

“She was going to walk to an area church to apparently look at some clothes that they were giving away and she never came back home,” says Benton County Sheriff’s Deputy, Keshia Guyll.

It’s been eight years since Pea Ridge teen, April Andrews, disappeared in november of 2006.

Guyll says, “we don’t have a lot of open cases. Especially with missing children in Benton County.”

And Wednesday, detectives are still looking for her.

“This is an endangered child that’s missing  you know. We don’t know what happened to her. We don’t know where she is. We don’t know who she’s with.  It’s just very important,” says Guyll.

Guyll says their team is leaving no stone unturned in finding Andrews, who would now be 23.

She says “it has been 8 years since. I mean obviously it’s been a long time but that doesn’t matter to us. It doesn’t matter to the sheriff, to the detectives that are working it and I’m sure that it doesn’t matter to the family.”

Years later, deputies and detectives are still searching for clues as to what happened to April Andrews.

“We’re trying to use a lot of new innovate approaches to this case,” Guyll said. “Just a lot of things that you wouldn’t normally use you know, in a case like this. Hopefully we get some tips out of it. Hopefully we get some resolution out of it. You know there’s new tips coming in daily. The detectives are working them, so we’re on the right path.”

The Benton County Sheriff even assigned a new task force to find the girl.

“It’s a new set of eyes. It’s detectives that obviously know about the case but they’ve never had a chance to examine it for themselves. We have a Sergeant that’s working on it. We have a detective that’s a retired FBI agent. So there’s a lot of experience and a lot of just wealth of knowledge that’s invested in this case,” says Guyll.

And although they still don’t know what happened, deputies say there’s someone who does.

“We can do our side and we can exhaust our resources,” says Guyll. “But somebody knows something, And they need to take accountability and they need to come forward and they need to tell us what they know.”

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of April Andrews, you are urged to call the Benton County Sheriff’s Office at 479-271-1009.