SPRINGDALE, Ark. (KFTA) — The power of hearing can make all the difference for kids trying to socialize at school. Well, a group of students has found a way to help their hearing-impaired classmates​

The students all go to Thurman G. Smith Elementary which is home to four students who are hearing impaired. The kids worked together to build an application that would help them all better connect.​ The students are using this project for the Education Accelerated by Service and Technology program.

The students said they were tired of seeing their classmates sitting out at the playground and not being able to communicate with the other kids during recess. That’s when they decided to use coding to make this app. ​

All of the American sign language students have an interpreter with them throughout the day.​With the app, which would be downloaded on their iPad, they can be with their classmates on their own.​ The app has the letters of the alphabet and commonly asked questions.​

“​It will have videos of me doing sign language when they click on a series of videos and they understand the sign language that I did and they can go to a different screen and type in their response on a different screen,” said 5th grader Philip Lindsley.

“​We have become more friends with the hearing impaired because we have started to understand how they feel and their emotions​,” said ​Geneva Smith a classmate who helps with the project.

The Deaf Education Interpreter, Mackenzie Smith said she hopes this will help her students make more friends and it’s also an opportunity for them to become more independent.​

The group finished the prototype and the goal is to have the project up and running by the end of the school year.