#TopTrenders: Bentonville Student In National Spelling Bee

Number 5:
The International Space Station might be without gravity but it’s not without fine dining. It’s astronauts are getting new grub,courtesy of some New Jersey high schoolers. A red pepper risotto is the winner of this year’s ISS culinary challenge. High school students across the country competed to create a space friendly dish. NASA asked for a veggie dish between 300 to 500 calories. The risotto will head up into space in November after it’s processed for flight.
Number 4:
45 children will advance to the final rounds of the Scripps national spelling bee in Maryland today. It comes after a day of tongue twisters that would stump most adults, and did stump most of the 284 original spellers. Organizers made the competition harder this year to avoid the kind of long, late showdown that occurred last year. The kids range in age from six to 14, with about the same number of boys and girls.
Number 3:
Federal officials are working on ways to help you get through airports faster. The transportation security administration launched its new experimental equipment at Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson airport this week.
The system will separate and reroute suspicious suitcases to help improve overall flow. Baggage bins will also automatically recirculate after they go through security machines. Airports in London and Amsterdam already use similar systems.
Number 2:
House speaker Paul Ryan says he’s still not ready to endorse Donald Trump. Ryan has met with the presumptive republican nominee. He even called meetings with his campaign quote, “productive”.
But that doesn’t mean Ryan is fully on board with the idea of a “president Trump.” The speaker didn’t say when he plans to officially announce his endorsement,if there is one at all.
Number 1:
The lone star state is leading the charge against the Obama administration’s new transgender directive in schools. A lawsuit was filed Wednesday in U.S. district court for the northern district of Texas,challenging the controversial order.

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