Two Dead in Perry County Homicide Case, One Arrested


A neighborhood in Perry County shocked after learning two people were killed inside a home on West Valley Street.

Susie Fuller and Jerry Drinkwater lived at the home and died at the scene.

A quiet scene on West Valley Street in Perryville.

“It’s been for years but probably in the last 10 or 15 years it’s gotten worse,” said nearby resident, Jim Wilson.

People said things took a turn for the worse saturday night.

“I came out to walk the dog around midnight or something like that and I seen blue lights and stuff about three or four houses down,” said nearby resident, Randy Hamilton.

Just down the street from Randy Hamilton’s home is where police said 32-year-old Susie Fuller and 36-year old Jerry Drinkwater were killed.

“We never really had anything like that down in this area here. We got some strange people who lives up and down here but who doesn’t,” said Hamilton.

Jim Wilson said the chaos woke him up.

“I heard a siren coming up the highway and then when it turned to come down west valley it kicked its sirens off and I just saw the flashing lights,” said Wilson.

Police said they witnessed two men fighting, one had a knife.

The officer ordered the armed man, later identified as Bobby Wyles to drop the knife. 

Wilson said it’s scary to know the double homicide happened too close to her home.

“Well this is shocking but we have had some bad things happen in our neighborhood through the years but this is just terrible,” said Wilson.

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