FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KFTA) — At the University of Arkansas, one program is helping students in the LGBTQ+ community navigate though what can be a difficult college experience.

The LGBTQ+ mentoring program matches “out” faculty or staff with students who are also “out,” or trying to find the confidence to do so.

Through the Multicultural Center on campus, the faculty/student pairs make their own schedules and create their own contracts to create the best possible experience for both of them.

Everything is voluntary and completely free of cost.

Gonzalo Camp, the co-coordinator of this program and a former mentor, said conversation in these meetings can range anywhere from family issues to discrimination felt on campus.

“Some people need to meet weekly, some of them just need an email maybe twice a week, it just depends,” said Camp. “It’s very personal. Some people need a stronger connection, and some people need more space. Just knowing that someone is there is enough to make you feel this is working.”

The program has been running for three years now, and each year it has gotten bigger.

Right now it’s in its pairing process, so if you’re interested in being a mentor or mentee, click here.