What to Do for ‘Man’s Best Friend’ in the Harsh Weather


People were bundled up this weekend for freezing temperatures and icy weather, but that begs the question… what do you do when it comes to ‘man’s best friend’ in the harsh weather?

When temperatures are cold and you keep your pet outside, it is important that you provide the correct bedding for your animals. 

It’s a crime when a person knowingly fails to supply an animal with adequate shelter and food, according to Arkansas State Law.

Director for Springdale Animal Services, Courtney Kremer, said, “If they do live outside, they need to have a solid enclosure that they can get out of the weather,” Kremer said. “Don’t put blankets in there, straw is much better because it doesn’t stay wet and it keeps them warmer longer.”

Although it sounds simple, another tip is to always have a water bowl available.

By keeping your pets hydrated during the winter, it helps regulate their body temperature. 

Call animal control at (479) 751-4542 if you see any animals that may need a welfare check.

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