Many showered their mom with goodies on the special day, but for some mom’s, Mother’s Day is one day closer to seeing their family. 
Leta Behnken isn’t spending Mother’s Day with her kiddos at home, rather she’s at the NWA Community Correction Center.  Behnken says she started using drugs  at 12 years old. Now, she’s in jail, hoping to make herself better. 
“I have a ten year old son named Clayton and a six year old son named Zachary,” said Behnken. “It’s hard to be away from them and I miss them every single day and I look at their pictures on my poster board but knowing that they’re in a safe place and I’m in a safe place getting better to be in a safe place with them, it’s okay, it pushes me forward.”
Today, Behnken will be with other moms at the facility. They’ll write letters, some family members will visit while others will call. It’s a different way to celebrate. For Behnken, it’s better than last year. 
 “I’ve been trying to think back on what I did last Mother’s Day and I can’t come up with an answer. so, this mother’s day is exciting because i’m sober for the first time in my kids’ life. and it’s the first of many, so it’s not as tough as it may seem like it is because I’m happy where I’m as and I’m happy where my life is going. So I know that this will be the first of many I will remember” she said. 
A Mother’s Day she will remember, but won’t be able to spend with the ones she loves. Next year, she’ll be reunited with her kids and what she hopes is a better life. 
“On the road that I was headed, I wasn’t leading my sons anywhere except for drugs, and that was their normal and when I get out, I want to lead my children into being that better human being and to God,” said Behnken.