Who’s Behind The Wheel On Your Kid’s Drive To School?

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The school season is officially underway and that means you’ll be seeing buses out on the roads.
Bus drivers transport kids across northwest Arkansas every day dealing with traffic jams, and about 40 to 60 passengers.
In order to handle all that, you’ve got to have some skills. Fayetteville Public School’s Transportation Director Tommy Davenport says in order to be a bus driver, you have to have a special drivers license, multiple endorsements, and pass a DOT physical. Along with those skills, drivers also attend regular classes on how to interact with students.  Davenport says the job can be difficult at times, but is rewarding. Davenport says, “You’ll have a student come up to you at the end of the year say thank you Mister Bus Driver, you’ve really made a difference in my life, and I hear those stories time and time again. How important it is that we do the very best that we can and be very friendly and cordial, and the students and parents all the time tell drivers that hey thanks for a great job.”
Davenport reminds residents when you see school buses on the road, flashing red means kids ahead.
Stop when you see red lights flashing. There could be a student crossing the road in your area.
Fayetteville Public Schools is still looking for bus drivers. For more information click here.

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