2018 Primary Preview: Arkansas Gubernatorial Race

NORTHWEST ARKANSAS, Ark. (KNWA) -- It's one of the hottest races to watch this primary season. Who will receive the republican and democratic nomination for the governors seat? Early voting is coming to a close and Arkansans will head to the polls Tuesday.

On the ballot you will see 4 candidates -- Republican incumbent Asa Hutchinson running against Jan Morgan. For democrats, Jared Henderson will face off against Leticia Sanders. The winner of each party will also face off Libertarian Mark West.

Let's break down each one.

Asa Hutchinson is seeking re-election. He says his main focus for this election cycle includes transforming state government into a more efficient operation, enhancing education efforts with a strong reading program, emphasizing job skill training, bringing infrastructure like high speed broadband internet to rural communities, and lowering income tax.

"Talking about lowering taxes, talking about transforming government, continuing to improve education. We've had a surplus of every year, we've had tax cuts, we've created jobs which is what I promised to do. And then computer science program that leads the nation so we want to build on that success," Hutchinson said.

Now to Jan Morgan.

Morgan describes herself as a constitutional conservative who believes in smaller government. 
The former TV journalist owns her own shooting range and is a second amendment advocate.
A big part of her campaign includes cutting government spending, giving tax and regulatory relief to existing Arkansas businesses, large-scale tax reform, shrinking the size and scope of government, and upholding second amendment rights.

"There are thousands upon thousands of republicans, independents and even democrats in this state who are tired of politicians promising one thing and delivering another thing once they are elected," Morgan said.

As for the democratic candidates, Jared Henderson is a former Teach For America executive.
His campaign focuses on building a better education system, creating new and higher paying jobs, bettering small business development and resources, ending the cycle of poverty, and protecting Arkansas works.

"My experience in a variety of different industries again whether it's science or education or state or local government or business, it gives me some confidence and some insights into how you get things done in any arena," Henderson said.

Running against Henderson is Leticia Sanders, a hair stylist whose campaign platform focuses on making healthcare affordable for all, gun reform, changing marijuana laws, and protecting DACA and dreamer families. 

"Its just helping the people because that's the type of person I am, and that's the type of person we need in office, that's willing to help you just because that's what we're supposed to do," Sanders said.

All party nominees will face off in the November general election.

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