As Komen Ozark counts down the days to its 2019 More Than Pink Walk on April 27, the group is highlighting its efforts to find a cure for breast cancer through highlighting its four pillars: research, care, community and action.

Research plays a pivotal role in increasing a patient’s odds of beating breast cancer.

According to Highlands Oncology Group, 40,000 women a year die from Stage IV breast cancer. 

“Even though breast cancer deaths have decreased roughly 40-percent from 1989 to 2015, we still have a long way to go. We need new therapies, we need new drugs that are efficacious and have minimal side effects.” says Dr. Stephan Rosenfeld, a medical oncologist at Highlands Oncology Group.

The oncology team is a leading force in the Northwest Arkansas market for advancing treatment for breast cancer patients. Research and clinical trials are crucial in finding better ways to help women survive the debilitating disease.

“We actually have a couple clinical trials going on right now, looking at the combination of immunotherapy and PARP inhibitors. These are very targeted drugs that are not cytotoxic  or chemotherapy that causes hair loss, nausea, vomiting, blood clot problems,” said Dr. Rosenfeld. 

Breast cancer drugs can be expensive and often not covered by insurance. That’s where Komen Ozark comes into play, being an integral part in the survivorship of local women.

“Komen Ozark’s given close to $4 million to date for ladies in this area for breast cancer and breast cancer treatment,” said Dr. Rosenfeld. 

Komen Ozark funds, which include your donations, cover a woman’s breast cancer journey from diagnostic mammograms and biopsies,  to surgeries, chemotherapy and  pills.
The generous funding catapults breast cancer research and clinical advancements in our area farther than thought possible.

Each Thursday leading up to the More Than Pink Walk, we will highlight the other three Komen Ozark pillars: care, community and action.

To learn more about Komen Ozark’s More Than Pink Walk and to register for the event happening April 27, click here.