5 Year Old Unable to Live At Home Amid ‘Stump Dump’ Fire


“I just hate waking up in the mornings knowing that he’s having to be somewhere else and not with us, and there’s not much I can do about it,” said Brittany Jones, Bella Vista Resident.

The Jones family lives three miles away from the ‘stump dump.’ 

Their 5-year-old son, now unable to return home from the hospital because of the toxifying air.

“I started questioning, ‘why is he continuing to get this.’ Someone reached out to me from Bella Vista and asked, ‘how close are you guys to the fire,’ and I didn’t think we were that close,” said Jones. 

5-year-old Avery has spent months in and out of the hospital fighting asthma attacks and three different cases of pneumonia.

Doctors said this was caused by what this family is calling a toxic fire.

“Thursday he came home, got off the bus and was very lethargic and unresponsive. I checked his pulse it was at 85. So I immediately gave him a breathing treatment and called the doctor,” said Jones. 

After spending almost a week in the hospital doctor’s said Avery can’t go back to his home. And when he can visit Jones said he’s not getting to live like a little kid.

“Let’s say he comes home on a good day, he can be here but he still has to wear a mask and he’s not supposed to go outside,” said Jones. 

According to medical documents and patients, doctors at Mercy Hospital Clinic in Bella Vista said they’ve seen an increase in patients with breathing and asthma problems.

Jones hopes no one else has to experience what her family is going through.

“I don’t want this happening to anybody else. I don’t want them to have to go through hospital stays, [and] on hospital stays not knowing what’s going on, just knowing your kid is staying sick and it’s not the flu it’s not because of a cold,” said Jones. 

UPDATE: Jones said her son is able to come home when the air quality is considered “good”. When he is home however, he must wear a mask, stay inside, and be around an air purifier. Jones adds Avery is still unable to return to school because of the proximity to the fire.

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