Kids do the darndest things. From coloring on the wall to jumping on furniture.

Six-year-old, Asher Williams recently used his imagination to network for his future.

Williams said, “I wanted to be a firefighter to get a job.”

Most people call 9-1-1 in an emergency and according to Williams, this was one.

Asher’s Mother, Jessica Holmes said, “My mom talked to them and she said, ‘Oh no my grandson dialed it. He wants to be a fireman.’ He called looking for a job. And so they said oh. Ok.”  

For Asher a simple call on grandmas cell phone to 9-1-1 didn’t seem like a big deal. But what he got was so much more.

“And then they talked me into becoming a police officer,” Williams added.

When Springdale officers Irvin and Arso got the call from Williams, they knew they had to respond and help him with his problem.

Morris Irvin is a 1st Class Patrolman with Springdale Police Department said,  “He had called the police department and he wished to go to work. He needed a job. A young child and as department protocol we respond to all 9-1-1 calls.”

The officers said they’ve never received a call like this before so they knew they needed to respond in a big way.

Officer Irvin said, “But because of his, how can you say, his excitement. We kind of played along the game with him. And we swore him in. I don’t think there’s any greater compliment than than a young child like that seeing their heroes.”

Responding Officer Arso said this moment is what made him want to be an officer.

Officer Faidh Arzo, Springdale Police Department  said, “He got this precious look like woah! They are here! They are like my heroes! “

Now as a newly sworn in Jr. Officer, Williams is proud to show his new badge.