ARKANSAS (KNWA/KFTA) — Three nursing homes reported double-digit deaths, and overall there have been a total of 1,735 residents who have expired, according to the Arkansas Department of Health’s (ADH) January 19 report.

Dardanelle Nursing & Rehabilitation in Yell County reported 10 deaths, Fianna Hills Nursing & Rehabilitation in Sebastian County had 11 deaths and Katherine’s Place at Wedington in Washington County reported 11 deaths, according to the ADH.

On Friday, January 22, a source close to Mitchell’s Nursing Home reported that a resident there died at an area hospital from COVID-19 complications. Another resident tested positive but stayed at the nursing home, according to the source.

An employee was terminated in the summer of 2020, she asked for her name to be withheld. She described serious deficiencies at Mitchell’s, for example, lack of PPEs, and believed the home would move the residents, who had the virus, to local hospitals to die. This way the death would not count against Mitchell’s.

“Once, I was looking for IV tubing for a patient. I found some, but it was brown and I refused to use it,” she said.

In August, Arkansas’ Office of Long Term Care (OLTC) did a COVID-19 Focused Infection Control Survey at Mitchell’s Nursing Home and found eight serious violations.

ADH reports Mitchell’s has had a total of 11 deaths, and currently, there are four positive cases (two residents and two employees).

The ADH states that numbers are subject to lab corrections and lag time adjustments. The report lists facilities that have had new or additional cases in the past 14 days.


  • Arkansas Nursing & Rehab Ctr., Miller County: 1 death (3 total)
  • Barrow Creek Health & Rehab., Pulaski County: 9 deaths (20 total)
  • Brookstone Assisted Living Community-ALF, Washington County: 1 death (5 total)
  • Concordia Nursing & Rehab., Benton County: 1 death
  • Craighead Nursing Ctr., Craighead County: 2 deaths (17 total)
  • Dalton’s Place at Star City, Lincoln County: 1 death
  • Dardanelle Nursing & Rehab. Ctr., Yell County: 10 deaths (16 total)
  • Edgewood Health & Rehab., Benton County: 3 deaths (4 total)
  • Fianna Hills Nursing & Rehab. Ctr., Sebastian County: 11 deaths (12 total)
  • Foxridge Bryant-ALF, Saline County: 1 death (3 total)
  • Greyston Nursing & Rehab., Lonoke County: 1 death (2 total)
  • Johnson Co Health & Rehab.-Clarksville, Johnson County: 2 deaths (7 total)
  • Katherine’s Place at Wedington, Washington County: 11 deaths
  • Montgomery County Nursing Home, Montgomery County: 1 death (8 total)
  • North Hills Life Care & Rehab., Washington County: 2 deaths (11 total)
  • Oakdale Nursing Facility, White County: 1 death (6 total)
  • Pink Bud Home for the Golden Years, Sebastian County: 3 deaths (15 total)
  • Promenade Health & Rehab., Benton County: 1 death (8 total)
  • Somerset Senior Living at Seven Springs, Cleburne County: 2 deaths (15 total)
  • The Crossing at Riverside Health & Rehab., White County: 4 deaths (20 total)
  • Timberlane Health and Rehab., Union County: 1 death (8 total)
  • Wood-Lawn Heights, Independence County: 8 deaths (19 total)
  • Woodruff County Health Ctr., Woodruff County: 2 deaths (3 total)
  • Total of 79 deaths listed; ADH reports 84 deaths.

The COVID Tracking Project reports 19,199 total COVID-19 and more than 300 long-term care (nursing homes and assisted living) facilities have been affected.


As of Friday, January 22, a total of 864 deaths have been reported by ADH, the state could have a total death count by the end of the month of 1,217 — this includes long-term care facilities.

The total number of deaths for December 2020 was 1,164.


Now, scientists report that a new variant, B.1.1.7, could become the leading form of COVID-19 by March because of how quickly it spreads.

In Arkansas, there are possible cases of the new variant.

On Tuesday, January 19, Arkansas Secretary of Health Dr. José Romero said they have sent [to the CDC] eight specimens to be sequenced.”


The Centers for Disease Control earlier this week, in an updated guideline, said mixing Pfizer and Moderna shots in “exceptional situations” is acceptable, as long as they are given at least 28 days apart.