FULTON COUNTY, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Veteran Fulton County Sheriff’s Office (FCSO) Investigator Dale Weaver has solved a 2002 missing person case — Angela Mack-Cox and her four-year-old son, Thomas Michael “Mikey” Rettew.

On Wednesday, April 7, around 2 p.m., FCSO Investigator Weaver contacted Angela’s dad, Phil Mack, and brother, Joe Milot, and told them he had information he wanted to share with them. And that a person confessed as to what happened to Angela and Mikey. “Weaver said the FBI could answer further questions about the case,” said Milot.

Angela Mack-Cox and son Michael “Mikey” Thomas Rettew. Missing since fall of 2002.


The person, who confessed, said she and her husband had been taking care of Angela’s son, Mikey, while the young mom was in California.

Angela returned from California and was picked up by a woman from the Springfield, Missouri, bus depot sometime in late 2002, early 2003.

The woman took Angela to the family farm in Alton, Missouri, where they lived with Mikey.

The next day, after arriving at the farm, Angie and Mikey were never seen again.

The couple lived in Missouri and at some point moved to Virginia.

Angie’s brother, Joe, believes the information to be true mainly because the FBI in Virginia was involved and they did the polygraph on this woman who failed “miserably” — that word was said by the FBI agent, according to Joe.

The woman told the FBI that her husband admitted [to her] to the murder of Angie and Mikey.

Joe said the FBI told him the woman did not come forward sooner because she was in fear for her life. The FBI agent told Joe, once when they were fighting said, “if you don’t straighten up, I’ll do the same to you that I did to Angie and Mikey.”

The man who confessed to his wife about the murders died on February 17, 2012.

KNWA/KFTA interview with Joe Milot about information given to him by the FBI.

For years Joe and his brother Greg have asked the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office about their missing sister and nephew. “We felt like we got blown off by Fulton County authorities,” said Joe. “Then Greg created a missing person Facebook page, but that got little traction so we took it down.”

A little less than a year ago, one of Angela’s school friends contacted me. “Tiffany Thomas, who started the Justice for Angie Facebook page, got me started again with a search for my missing sister,” said Joe.

Joe plans to do a DNA test and get that sent to the Arkansas Crime Lab, something he said he’s requested for a long time. “Detective Weaver has emailed me the forms,” said Joe.

It still leaves questions for the family about Wednesday’s “news” from Weaver. “I would like to find her remains,” said Joe.

Information about Angela and her son’s disappearance was recently updated by the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs).

Angela is believed to be in the company of her son Thomas “Mikey” Rettew. They were last seen on September 1, 2002. In October 2020, it was learned that Angela left her son Thomas Michael (Mikey) with a couple in Alton Missouri in the Fall of 2002 who planned to adopt him. After leaving Mikey with the couple she went to California. After she was there for a while she changed her mind and wanted to back out on the adoption. She was instructed to return to Alton and get her son. She was picked up at the bus station in Springfield Missouri by one of the parties and taken to the residence where Mikey was staying and has not been seen since.

Tiffany and Angie were best friends in grade school in Escondido, CA. Courtesy Tiffany Thomas

“Justice for Angie” Facebook Page founder Tiffany Thomas followed through on Angie’s final personal request, “don’t forget me ever please.”

Angela Mack