A CLOSER LOOK: investigation continues for Angela Mack-Cox and son ‘Mikey’ Rettew; missing since 2002

A Closer Look

Investigator Dale Weaver: Hope to have a resolution before long.

Angela Mack-Cox and son Michael “Mikey” Thomas Rettew. Missing since fall of 2002.

FULTON COUNTY, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Fulton County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Dale Weaver said he doesn’t have the original missing person’s report for Angela Mack-Cox, but the investigation is moving forward and he hopes to “have a resolution before long.”

Tuesday, March 16th would have been Angela “Angie” Mack-Cox’s 39th birthday, but she’s not around to celebrate it because 19 years ago she, and her four-year-old son Thomas Michael “Mikey” Rettew, disappeared from Salem, Arkansas, or Alton, Missouri. The exact date is uncertain because she wasn’t reported missing until two years after her son went missing in 2002.

The most recent information about Angie’s disappearance is from the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs).

Angela is believed to be in the company of her son Thomas “Mikey” Rettew. They were last seen on September 1, 2002. In October 2020, it was learned that Angela left her son Thomas Michael (Mikey) with a couple in Alton Missouri in the Fall of 2002 who planned to adopt him.

After leaving Mikey with the couple she went to California.

After she was there for a while she changed her mind and wanted to back out on the adoption.

She was instructed to return to Alton and get her son.

She was picked up at the bus station in Springfield Missouri by one of the parties and taken to the residence where Mikey was staying and has not been seen since.

NamUs “Circumstances of Disappearance”

Her NamUs case was created on February 23, 2016, but had an incorrect photo and height. Both have since been fixed. “I have no idea how the wrong photograph was put in NAMUS it was before my time with the case but I had it corrected,” said Weaver.


Weaver gave direct answers when asked about the case. He has answered questions for KNWA/FOX24 via phone and email at least twice regarding Mack-Cox. He’s confirmed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is involved in the investigation. As for Facebook comments on a “Justice for Angie” page, he doesn’t rely on those much. “In my opinion, most of the information you get from FB will not be factual.” In mid-December 2020, a bone was found in a Salem boutique. “The bone was sent to the Arkansas State Crime Lab, Medical Examiners Office and I received a call back the same day advising it was not human, and a couple of days received a written report advising the same,” said Weaver.

On March 8, 2021, The Vanished Podcast reported about Angie and her son Mikey.

The Vanished Podcast: In 2002, a 20-year-old disappeared. Angela Mack disappeared from the small northern Arkansas town of Salem. It may have been September, but some people say it was later in the year. She wouldn’t be reported missing for many months, or maybe even years. Her four-year-old son, Thomas “Mikey” Rettew, also vanished, but missing person flyers note that he disappeared from Missouri and the date he was last seen is uncertain. Supposedly, there is a photo of Mikey that is date stamped well after September 1, 2002, but nobody knows for sure. In fact, no one seems to know when or where Angela and Mikey were last seen, or who was the last to see them. Today’s episode brings into focus the stories of two people who appeared to simply stop existing, and it seemed as though there were never any real search efforts put forth to find them. Used with permission.

Justice for Angie on Facebook

Justice for Angie Founder Tiffany Thomas went to grade school with “Angie,” as close friends called her, in Escondido, California. By the mid-90s Angie and her family moved to Arkansas.

Years later, when Thomas learned her friend was missing she started a search.


“Don’t forget me ever, please!” Reads a note given to Thomas by Angie — and Thomas hasn’t.

She’s been questioning what she calls “missteps” in her friend’s case by authorities in Missouri and Arkansas, ever since she learned of her disappearance.

For example:

  • Why was Angela not reported missing for two years (2004)?
  • How was the wrong photo provided to NamUs?
  • Was Arkansas State Police notified about Mack-Cox being missing?

VIOLA, AR – Authorities say bones recovered from an abandoned well in Fulton County were not from a human. State Police Lieutenant Bill Beach says he is “delighted” that the case is not a homicide investigation.

The bones were found in a 25-foot well on January 6, 2005.  An inmate in a neighboring county had told investigators about seeing someone throw bones in the well two years ago.  Firefighters pumped water out of the well and discovered the bones, wrapped in cloth.

Fulton County Sheriff Walter Dillinger says two people said that dead dogs had been tossed into the well years ago, and other said deer carcasses had been thrown in.  A pathologist speculated that the bones recovered were from a deer, but further tests won’t be conducted.

Beach says there’s no need for more tests since the bones aren’t from a person

Associated Press, 2005.
  • Thomas wanted to know if a crime lab report was still available about the bones. “They [Fulton] have two missing people in the county … but not test the bones?” she asked. “Who wraps deer bones in a cloth … and do hunters dispose of deers in a well?”
  • Has any of her family’s DNA been entered into CODIS? The Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) is the U.S. national DNA database created and maintained by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
  • Why did National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) list Mikey as missing from Alton, Missouri, yet Alton, or Oregon County, doesn’t have any information about him being missing?

Oregon County Sheriff Eric King has not responded to an email sent by Thomas on December 27, 2020, about the missing person(s) case. KNWA/FOX24 made several calls to Sheriff King and no calls have been returned.

Currently friends and family are looking into ways of setting up a fundraiser for Mack-Cox and her son.

“The funds raised would be used as a reward if it leads to the recovery/or finding of Mack-Cox and/or her son, Mikey. If the reward is not claimed, and a recovery is made, the money would be used for a proper burial,” said Thomas.

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