FAYETTEVILLE, Ark.(KNWA/KFTA) — A Northwest Arkansas mom says she’s grateful to be alive after she almost fell victim to the online profile, “Lucy”, also known as the Amber Waterman, the woman charged in the death of Ashley Bush and her unborn baby.

The Benton County Sherriff’s office held a press conference on Nov. 3 announcing the death of Ashley Bush and her baby in separate locations in Missouri.

Sheriff Shawn Holloway believes the two people responsible for the crime that resulted in the death of Ashley Bush are Amber and Jamie Waterman.

Detectives say Amber used the fictitious name “Lucy Barrows” online to lure people in.

“Detectives located a public posting on the account that read ‘I have a bunch of baby items if any moms need them,'” the United States District Court said.

A local mom named Emily Smith who is 30 weeks pregnant says Ashley could’ve been her.

“I’m looking for maternity clothes since I am expecting, and Lucy Barrows commented on there and said she might have some,” Smith said.

Smith says she and “Lucy” exchanged conversations and planned to meet up, so Smith could receive the clothing.

“She had sent these pictures of just a couple of different pictures of these tops, and there was a pair, a couple of shorts. And then, she said we could meet, ” Smith said.

However, Smith says something about their conversations seemed suspicious.

“The pictures, they weren’t like it looked like. She had just been taken in different places. There were different comforters on the bed, and I think maybe one was even a table. And then, I had looked at her profile and seen that it was only two days old,” Smith said.

Smith says she is glad she dodged a bullet, but can’t help but be traumatized.

“I realized I was losing sleep over this because I couldn’t even go back to sleep. It’s like, this is horrible,” Smith said.

Smith says people told her several times that she is lucky, but she can’t help but think about the Bush family.

“I’m thankful for the Lord. He was looking out for me, but I feel so bad for her family. It sucks that we have people in the world that sick,” Smith said.