Arkansas could be joining Louisiana and Mississippi by having a tax-free holiday for people buying guns. State Senator Bart Hester of Cave Springs introduced the “Second Amendment Appreciation Weekend” Bill on Friday. 
An economic boost and appreciation for our Forefathers, are the two main points Senator Hester think will come from his bill. 
“If we start to become a pro gun state where it encourages manufactures to come to Arkansas and creates jobs it’s a really great thing,” said Hester. 
During the second weekend in September, buying guns could be cheaper. Hester wants to get rid of sales tax for anyone buying firearms during the weekend. 
‘This is the first time it’s been proposed in Arkansas, and we hope to have some luck,” said Hester. “I’m in a position, as most Arkansans are, that the more people that legally own guns the safer we all are. And if this puts somebody in a position to be able to purchase a gun for protection for their home, or personal protection..then I think it’ll actually make people safer in Arkansas.”
The second weekend in September was specifically chosen to help boost sales of guns. “I visited with some of our major retailers, and they felt like that was leading up to hunting and deer season, But it wasn’t in the deer season, so it was a slower weekend for them. And it also happens to coincide with the largest gun show in the state of Arkansas that weekend,” said Hester. 
Representative Greg Leding said he doesn’t think Arkansas needs a tax-free holiday to increase gun sales, or help out those who can’t afford them. “I can’t imagine that it’s the tax on a gun purchase that’s preventing anybody from being able to afford a gun. And if it is just the tax that’s keeping you from being able to afford a gun how are you going to afford keeping ammunition handy,” said Leding. 
Hester believes the bill will bring more businesses to Arkansas. “I don’t think it changes the perception of Arkansas. I think they believe that Arkansas is already a very pro-Second Amendment, pro-gun state. But if this helps from an economic development where it encourages another manufacturer of guns into Arkansas,’ said Hester. 
The next step for the bill is for it to be presented to Senate.