BENTON COUNTY, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — A Rogers man serving a sentence in the Benton County jail has been accused of trying to hire multiple inmates to kill his wife.

David Alan Warken, 35, has been arrested for attempted capital murder for the incident.

An affidavit says that deputies were notified on June 22 that an inmate in the Benton County jail had come forward with information that Warken was attempting to hire someone inside the jail to murder his wife.

The inmate told deputies that Warken had mentioned his desire to find a hitman willing to do the job.

Warken reportedly provided the inmate with his wife’s name, address, place of work and schedule, later giving additional details about the layout of her house and how the security system works.

The inmate told deputies that Warken seemed serious in his search and had even attempted to bond out numerous individuals, including the inmate who came forward, for the purpose of murdering his wife.

Deputies placed an audio listening device on the inmate and sent him to work detail, which he did with Warken.

While the inmate was working, he reportedly met with Warken and spoke for approximately one hour.

During that conversation, Warken admitted that other people were paid to murder his wife but did not follow through.

Warken agreed to a $12,000 payment upon his wife’s murder, which he said would come from her insurance policy.

Warken also agreed to have his father pay the inmate $100 a month until his release.

When the inmate asked Warken about children present and what witnessing his wife’s murder would do to them, Warken told the inmate that he was not concerned about the children and that his wife had treated them far worse over the years.

The affidavit says that during the course of the conversation, the inmate asked Warken on three separate occasions about how serious he was and if it was possible to move on without the murder of his wife. All three times, Warken refused to move on.

At the end of the conversation, Warken told the inmate that his father would start the monthly payments in July.

By June 29, Warken’s father had processed a $100 payment to the inmate’s account.

His next hearing is August 21. Judge Robin Green has ordered that Warken is not to have contact with anyone except legal counsel.

Warken was arrested in March 2022 for remaining in his wife’s house in violation of a no contact order. He was sentenced to four years in prison earlier this year after pleading guilty to residential burglary, stalking, endangering the welfare of a minor and violation of a no contact order.