Alie Malatesta a Senior at Bentonville High School. She is an amazing shooting star, she completed High School and Ignite Medical Strand College courses at the same time. She was honored as student of the year by her pears for the Ignite Medical Strand program. Where she became a certified Phlebotomist, CNA and EMR as well as acquired certification in CPR, while working 20 hours a week at Barnes & Noble.

 We are so proud that Alie has been offered admittance as one in less than 100, highly qualified students to the Biomedical Sciences Department at Colorado State University, Fort Collins in August to pursue a career in Medicine. 

Alie is truly lightening in a bottle. Among her gifts are her smile that lights up anyone’s day and her ability to write the spoken word so captivatingly holding you at the edge of your seat. She has always been an old soul, and with that comes wisdom beyond her years. She is an inviting bright light. Colorado here she comes, You will never be the same!!!!!