FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) – Pharmacies in Northwest Arkansas report that they’ve been noticing people lying about their vaccination status to receive a booster dose before it’s approved. 

The pharmacies said they believe Pfizer being fully FDA approved has given people enhance confidence in the vaccine

The Arkansas Department of Health says it hopes the news of Pfizer being fully FDA approved helps persuade Arkansans to get the vaccine. 

However, pharmacists on the frontline are saying the only noticeable result they’ve seen is more people lying that they’ve never received a COVID-19 vaccine to get the third dose.

Carl Collier with Collier Drug said flat-out fibbing isn’t the only method people use to get back in the chair. 

“Friends of Carl, you know it’s amazing. Hey Carl, hey buddy remember in high school when we were, ya and how about another dose,” said Collier. 

Dr. Jennifer Dillaha with the Arkansas Department of Health said as of right now, a booster dose has only been advised for those who are immunocompromised. 

She’s worried those who don’t fall in that category but still choose to get one could negatively impact their immunity.

“The immunity that the vaccine offers waivers over time,” said Dr. Dillaha. “If you get it too early, it doesn’t help you as much if you wait until the right interval, and people don’t understand that they’re too eager to get it.”

While a booster dose isn’t approved for the general masses now, a joint statement from the US Department of Health and Human Services and the CDC said it could be as early as September 20th. Something Collier Drug is planning for. 

“We are taking appointments to do those now; our calendar is open through December right now and will give them a sheet on how to make that appointment,” said Collier. 

The pharmacies I spoke with say they’ve implemented processes to ensure people aren’t receiving an unauthorized third dose of the vaccine.