Enrollment numbers for Affordable Care Act health insurance plans are up all across the country, including here in Arkansas. 

The deadline is quickly approaching to sign up for Obamacare. With the future of affordable healthcare unclear, local insurance agents say they’ve seen an influx in the last few weeks. 

Stuart Baber helps locals get signed up for plans under the Affordable Care Act. Baber is a Licensed Insurance Producer in Arkansas. He said,  “Certainly the pace has picked up. This year the open enrollment period is much shorter than last year.” He said the number of people he’s helped get signed up has spiked in the last few weeks. 

“As the deadline approaches, certainly I’ve seen a number of calls and ‘Hey we’ve got to get this figured out.’ And so we’re encouraging people, don’t wait,” Baber  said. 

According to Healthcare.gov, enrollment numbers are up by 28-percent in Arkansas with a little over a week to get get signed up. 

Baber said you shouldn’t be scared of the sign up process, it’s important to have the professionals help if you need it.  “I think it’s important to rely on a expert, just as you wouldn’t try to treat yourself for some kind of illness when you go to see a physician. “

In October the Trump administration announced plans to defund Obamacare. President Donald Trump said,  “People will have great, great healthcare and when I say people, I mean by the millions and millions.”

We spoke with Arkansas senator John Boozman about the presidents plan in October. He said it’s a move in the right direction and people shouldn’t worry about the future of affordable healthcare.  “What this will do is actually help keep their premiums at least where they’re at and perhaps lower them.”

More than 600-thousand people across the U.S. signed up for Obamacare in the first four days of the marketplace opening. Baber said this  is proof there is a need for affordable care. “I think it’s important for all of us to try to gather together and care for our fellow mankind and see if what’s good for me can’t be good for others.”

If you haven’t already signed up in the marketplace you still have until December 15th. Remember if you do not have insurance by the first of the year you could be penalized. To find out how to sign up head to —> https://www.healthcare.gov/