VAN BURAN, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — The Arkansas drought has some residents opting out of lawn care or misusing lawn care products.

The lack of rain has dried out many lawns across the once green Natural State. Not only has the lack of rain contributed to this, but people incorrectly using fertilizer has left yards yellowing.

Super Manager of Turf Pro, JJ Ames, says that when it’s this hot out its good to use a water reactive fertilizer but that requires the use of a lot of water; something Arkansans might not have the budget for this year.

“Usually two to three inches [of water] a week in order to keep it green” Ames said. “A lot of people would rather put food on the table than $500 to $600 water bill.”

Ames says it’s better to let your lawn go into drought stress, where your lawn isn’t dead but does go dormant. He said as long as you revive the grass before summer is over you won’t damage the lawn.