ARKANSAS (KNWA/KFTA) — Have a gamer in your home? They could be costing you more than $900 in damages according to a report from Compare The Market.

Arkansas gamers rank second on average repairs

Arkansans spend an average of $933 on damages caused in a home due to gaming. Ranking No. 1 was Oregon with $1,114 in damages. Call of Duty ranked as the most destructive game followed by Fortnite and indoor ball games.

As gamers fully immerse themselves into virtual reality, damages around the house range from breaking a glass of water, losing grip on your controller, or accidents that happen with Virtual Reality headsets.

“When playing games in the home it can be incredibly easy to become too immersed and lose awareness of your actual physical surroundings,” said Adrian Taylor, Compare the Market’s General Manager of General Insurance. “Our research has emphasized that no matter whether the game is physical or virtual, gamers should always pay attention and take precautions before playing games – from moving any ornaments out of harm’s way or adding protective straps to your gaming controllers.”

Compare the Market

Cost of damages

On average, a person will spend around $477 repairing their homes after accidental damage from games, according to the research. The most common damage was to laptops and phones with accidental holes in walls, ceilings and floorboards right behind.

The research was based on 1,000 American and Australians who were polled about games that have caused accidental damage around their homes. It is said that there are 3.2 billion gamers worldwide, according to Statista.