LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Following Rep. Mike Johnson’s (R-LA) election to Speaker of the House speaker, members of the Arkansas delegation voiced support for the new House leader.

All Arkansas representatives voted in favor of Johnson Wednesday, as did all Republicans.

Rep. French Hill (AR-2) spoke to Johnson’s experience and the work ahead.

“As Vice-Chairman of our House Republican Conference and former Republican Study Committee Chairman, Rep. Mike Johnson has been an effective communicator with members of the House during his time in Congress,” Hill said. “I supported Rep. Johnson as our new Speaker of the House and believe he will be a unifying bridge for our conference.”

Hill said he was ready to get back to the task of appropriations bills and “returning to our important work.” 

Rep. Rick Crawford (AR-1) spoke about the work ahead, as did his colleagues, as well as the importance of unity.

“I was pleased to join my colleagues today in electing Mike Johnson as Speaker of the House of Representatives so that we can resume work on addressing the illegal immigration crisis at our southern border, a looming government shutdown in November, and the troubling destabilization in the Middle East that is unfolding following the brutal terrorist attacks against Israel,” Crawford said. “Solving these difficult problems will require far greater unity in Congress than we have seen recently. But unity is one of our national founding principles and the strength of our nation, indeed, any nation, rests upon this principle.”

Rep. Steve Womack (AR-3) referred to the political chaos preceding today’s straight-forward vote.

“Over three weeks ago, eight members of the GOP teamed up with all 208 Democrats to tank our progress and send Congress into unmitigated chaos,” Womack said. “Today, we finally ended this madness by uniting as a conference to elect Mike Johnson as our Speaker. Mr. Johnson is a good man, a devoted Christian, and a well-respected, capable conservative. I’m proud to support him as we get back to the business of America and respond to crises both at home and abroad.”

Rep. Bruce Westerman (AR-4) spoke in support and on forthcoming issues.

“Mike Johnson is a committed conservative, and I was proud to vote for him as our speaker,” Westerman said. “I look forward to working with him on issues like securing our border, funding the government, and boosting American energy production. Congratulations Speaker Johnson, let’s get to work!”

Johnson’s election to House Speaker came after a contentious three-week period as various candidates were put forth for the role. Early on the House agenda will be coming to terms with a looming government shutdown if funding is not approved by Nov. 17.