Secretary of the State Mark Martin has confirmed the Arkansas Medical Cannabis Act will be on the 2016 ballot.

The initiative will allow Arkansas doctors to recommend medical cannabis for sick and dying patients.

Martin confirmed that Arkansans for Compassionate Care gathered 77,516 valid signatures. If voters approve the Act, Arkansas will join 25 other states and Washington D.C. in allowing doctors to write recommendations for cannabis. 

The group is calling for other medical cannabis initiative to withdraw or face both failing at ballot.

ACC Director Melissa Fults says polling suggests if both measures make the ballot, all of them will fail. 

“Today, as we turn toward November, I’m asking Jason Polk & David Couch to end their campaign and join us to ensure sick and dying Arkansans get the most patient-oriented initiative we can. Please do not place thousands of sick and dying Arkansans’ future in jeopardy. Patients need safe and legal access to cannabis and if you continue we risk losing the best chance that we’ve ever had. Placing two initiatives on the ballot will cause both to fail.”  

The initiative will allow doctors to recommend cannabis for conditions including cancer, HIV/AIDS, Crohn’s Disease, Autism, Parkinson’s Disease and PTSD.