The industry of Medical Marijuana is moving forward in the state of Arkansas, but questions about who will own and work in the facilities remains of interest.

One of those questions was answered this past week when the state Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission picked five businesses for marijuana cultivation centers. The The commission had certain criteria it was looking for when granting the licenses. The issue was brought up on this week’s edition of Capitol View in which Medipays Chief Legal Officer Dan Roda explained that those with a felony record will be excluded from the industry entirely. 

“You will not be qualified to have an ownership interest of a business in the industry or to even work inside a facility in the industry,” Roda said. “You know that’s important. You’re taking an industry that was operating in the shadows and you’re bringing it into the light and in doing so you want to make sure you have qualified people. They’re handling medicine that has to get into the hands of patients.”

The Commission will next make a decision on the 32 licenses to be issued for the dispensary businesses throughout the eight regional zones of the state.

Two brothers, who applied for one of the cultivation licenses for their business in Fort Smith, may still have a shot despite finishing sixth for the five spots available. 
the Nolans’ River Valley Relief company came close.

“I just don’t think there is any chance that someone will drop out,” Nolan said. “But it’s alright we gave them our best.”

The top five scorers have seven days to pay a licensing free of 100-thousand dollars and show that they can pay the state even if their crop fails with a half-a-million dollar performance bond.
That means, if any of the five fail to do so, River Valley relief could slide into that spot in the next couple of days.