Arkansas National Guard Called for Air Monitoring at Stump Dump in Bella Vista


The 61st Civil Support Team (CST) from the Arkansas National Guard will be conducting ongoing air monitoring tests at the former stump dump site in Bella Vista, according to a press release.

The Arkansas Department of Emergency Management (ADEM) has requested that air monitoring tests begin on Tuesday, February, 26 in the community immediately adjacent to the stump dump, the release states.

The Arkansas National Guard said the CST will collect baseline data during daylight hours only, according to release.

The team will use commercially available equipment with sensors for specific hazards, the release states. 

According to the statement, these hazards have been agreed upon by the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH).

The monitors will be placed at the same locations as the previous Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) monitors, according to the press release. 

The data sets will then be transmitted to ADH at the end of each day, and a private contractor is responsible for monitoring the air within the dump site itself, the release states.

After the baselines, the collection period CST will have one or more Guardsmen on the ground every day during the remediation period, according to the press release. 

Each Guardsmen on the team is a trained HazMat Technician.

Below is a statement from the press release:

“The citizens of Bella Vista can be assured of accurate and reliable monitoring data being communicated to lead response agencies that will, in turn, disseminate the information to the interested public,” the Arkansas National Guard said.

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