BENTON COUNTY, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Road crews across Northwest Arkansas are preparing for this weekend’s snow.

Benton County Road Department worked on Friday to get its equipment ready to go for Saturday. Jay Frasier, administrator or public services, said crews worked to stock up on supplies for winter weather.

“We put salt beds in, making sure all of our equipment is running properly, make sure our stocks are in place and where they need to be at, and in different parts of the county we have satellite facilities that we have salt, sand in and we’re making sure everything’s ready to go,” Frasier said.

Frasier said the department didn’t pretreat county roads because of the possibility of the rain washing it away before the snow. However, ARDOT did salt state roads and highways, according to spokesperson Dave Parker.

“We’ve got the equipment prepared, the trucks loaded with the salt and we’ve got the men and personnel ready to come in tomorrow,” Parker said.

Frasier and Parker both said crews will be monitoring road conditions closely overnight.

If you do have to travel this weekend, Frasier said it’s important to plan ahead.

“Make sure and prep your vehicle, have a full tank of gas, water, batteries, flashlight, blankets,” Frasier said. “If you do get off the road you may be there for a while until someone can get to you and get you out.”

You can check state road conditions here.