LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Mask mandates in Arkansas schools are doing what they’re supposed to do, according to the Arkansas Secretary of Education Johnny Key.

From September 6-13, Key says Arkansas public schools saw 1,300 fewer active cases in K-12 schools.

Key says strategies like policies that require face coverings are working.

Key discussed school districts that are considering revoking the mandate.

“Keep doing what you’ve been doing,” Key said. “It is working. If you keep doing what you’re doing with the work on getting more students and staff vaccinated when they become eligible, with the masking strategies, the HVAC strategies, All of those things are layer upon layer of protection to make sure that we are going to have a successful school year this year.”

According to Key, only three Arkansas districts had to make modifications to on-site learning, and these modifications were specific to certain grade levels and not district-wide.