Arkansas Son Makes Waves in Robotics


HOT SPRINGS, Ark. – (AMP) – A junior at the University of Arkansas, Canon Reeves has already accomplished more in his first 20 years of life than most people do in a lifetime.

Reeves is a roboticist, a student and an entrepreneur and he’s the new face of STEM in Arkansas.

Reeves first started building robots at Riverview High School in Searcy and was a member of the robotics team there. During his junior year of high school, he transferred to the Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences and the Arts (ASMSA) due to his interest in robotics.

Located in Hot Springs, ASMSA is a two-year, public residential high school and is a part of the University of Arkansas administrative system. ASMSA is also a member of the National Consortium of Secondary STEM Schools and is accredited as one of the top high schools in the country. Reeves’ time in Hot Springs proved to have a profound impact on his life and career and is where he first started learning how to create his own robots in depth.

Two of the most significant influences in Reeves’ professional career thus far have been Nick Seward, at ASMSA, and Clint Johnson, at the University of Arkansas. “Nick taught me a lot of the technical concepts that I use regularly, and Clint was the first one to expose me to entrepreneurship,” Reeves says. “[Nick] helped me learn the ‘why’ behind the tech I had fallen in love with developing.”

Although Reeves notes the importance of his education and these relationships that have helped mold him into what he is today, it is hard for him not to fall back to an admirable humility to explain it all. “To be honest, I just got lucky,” he says.

At the University of Arkansas, Reeves is pursuing a major in computer science, is the co-captain of the university’s NASA Robotic Mining Competition team and is the Creative Director at the McMillon Innovation Studio. His involvement with McMillon has proven to be a “game changer.” He has also founded three companies during his first three years at college – MORE Technologies, ArkanCode and Lovelace Technologies.

Earlier this year, Reeves took part in a competition put on by the McMillon Innovation Studio, in conjunction with Tyson Foods, Inc., Texas Instruments and Startup Junkie. The contest involved presenting business and engineering students with a real-world business problem, for which they were asked to design a solution. Reeves and his team, under the name Lovelace Technologies, won first place.

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Story by Dustin Jayroe. Photography by Meredith Mashburn

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