GREENWOOD, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) – On Friday, May 6th, the Arkansas State Police initiated an investigation involving allegations of criminal acts and criminal actions that potentially took place on a Greenwood School District bus transporting students involved to a school sanction sporting event.

KNWA/FOX24’s Will Moclair spoke to one student who, for privacy purposes, wishes to remain anonymous.

“Kids are being talked to by teachers trying to make sure that it never happens again, but I think this is a reflection on the school,” says the student. 

In a statement from the Greenwood School District, it says, “the Greenwood School District regards matters of student safety as a top priority. We are cooperating with authorities and conducting a thorough and robust investigation into the allegations to assure the safety of students. Since this matter involves the actions of students and staff, the district will have no further comment as applicable law provides for the confidentiality of such matters.”

The student interviewed says he’s heard all the rumors, and the situation has him disturbed. 

“I don’t like that it happened; it’s horrible that that would have. I wouldn’t want this to happen on a certain trip because I wouldn’t want that to happen to anyone,” says the student. 

ASP says special agents of the state police criminal investigation division have been assigned to this case and are in the process of collecting statements and evidence. 

The student also said the school district and school officials have publicly condemned the actions on the school bus. He hopes those involved are dealt with accordingly. 

“There is nothing we can do about it now, we just need to look forward and make sure it never happens again, and if it does happen again, we need to increase punishments,” said the student. 

ASP told our Will Moclair that once they collect statements and evidence, a criminal case file will be turned over to the prosecuting attorney.

The prosecuting attorney will determine whether criminal charges should be filed.