LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Texas’ new abortion law is shaking up the pro-life, pro-choice arguments across the nation, and now a similar bill could be hitting the floor in Arkansas.

The Texas law puts enforcement in the hands of people, meaning regular citizens can bring lawsuits against doctors who perform, or helped perform, abortions.

Arkansas State Sen. Jason Rapert of Conway says he already has a similar bill drafted and ready to present during the special session in Little Rock.

“We’ve been talking about pro-life bills every single session since I’ve been up here in 2010,” Rapert said. “I would say it’s past time to stop abortions in our state which I am fully committed to.”

State Sen. Greg Leding says there are a lot of red flags about this bill.

“I dont think a special session is the place for this kind of legislation to be introduced, but also regarding the legislation, no matter how someone might feel about abortion, the way this law is structured in Texas should concern everybody,” Leding said.

Leding says it needs two-thirds approval from both chambers for the bill to be heard.

After that, it would only need a simple majority to pass.

Rapert says he’s already talked with Gov. Asa Hutchinson about the bill, and the governor has a track record of supporting pro-life bills.

However, it’s unclear at if the governor would support this legislation.